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for every woman artist in the NFT space.

About Us

We are a community of women artists in the NFT and Crypto space.
Our aim is to create a supporting, empowering and safe community for every woman.
We believe that together we can help each other succeed and grow.

Our Projects


‘The Fruits of our Labour’ was the very first collaborative project by our group NFT Goddesses.
Forty four women with different styles and types of art participated in this project to bring it to life.

8 NFTs Available

‘Free the Nipple’ is more than a project, it is a movement. A movement to empower women all over the world. To free women worldwide. For we do not need to be ashamed of our bodies. For we should not feel the need to hide our bodies.

3 NFTs Available

How many of us have taken that silent space where we observe the ones we love for granted?
How many of us have walked through life without realizing we had it all?

12 NFTs Available

“Say Her Name” is a collection of artworks that aims to bring attention to what is happening to the women in Iran in their fight for freedom. 


On the 2nd of September 2022, thanks to DarrenSRS, our NFT Goddesses building/neighbourhood was officially launched on the Open Metaverse (OM).

OM, by Punk6529, is a decentralised metaverse that connects both virtual and physical spaces together.

Our building is located in the Museum District and we have the pleasure of sharing it with NFT Painters and Monograma communities.

Here you have the opportunity to see the different virtual galleries by our members, as well attend entertainment and educational events with a global community.

The Line

Our community is also part of The Line by Mintfaced.

The Line is an amazing art gallery where you can experience art freely and without any distractions.


Our Story

 The NFT Goddesses community was born from a Twitter women’s group chat, created by Ana Isabel Hewlett, in March 2021. 

The idea for the chat just started as a way to connect more women together, but as more women started to be part, it grew into a beautiful community and sisterhood outside of the twitter chat and into discord.

Since then, we have created many artistic projects together and donated to crypto to different causes.

We believe that art can be a big instrument towards unity and that together we can create a better world for everyone.

Our most recent logo was created and designed by Alice on Chains.

Meet our Team

Ana Isabel

Community Leader

I’m a fine art portrait photographer, who loves to use art to empower others, especially women. My style is a colourful mixture between fantasy and fashion.

Andrea - Crownandpalette

Joyn and Twitter Spaces

I’m a multidisciplinary artist that creates intuitive AI digital composites and am a community leader and spaces host for


Instagram Manager

I am a graphic designer; the subject of my art is feminine energy and positive emotions.


Twitter Co-Manager

I’m the messenger of my own imagination and observations! I tell whatever they want me to tell, just by using my Apple Pencil!

Petek - VoxelQueen

Discord Manager

I like building my stories block by block and sharing them with the world. Always been a gamer, nothing changed!

Niamh - Irishnftgal

Twitter Spaces Host

Educator, Connector, Advisor. Self-custody course instructor. Artist. 

Diana Pelenur

Twitter Spaces Host

I’m a photographer and digital artist raised in Brazil and Uruguay, now based in Toronto. Blending traditional and digital techniques, I explores abstract photography and embraces technology in my creative process. As a full-time artist, I dedicate myself to my art and to uplifting other creators.

I am a contemporary mixed-media abstract artist. My work highlights contradictions, errors, imperfections, and the chaos that makes life exciting. It’s a visual register of emotions, movements, chance, and intentions. 

Want to be part of the women revolution?

Become a member of the NFT Goddesses and join us in our journey.

Membership is done by invitation only as we want to provide a safe space for everyone. 

Nevertheless it is really simple to join: if you are friends with any of our members, they can invite directly you onto our discord and group.


F. A .Q.

Our most frequent questions and answers.

If you know any of our members, they can invite you onto our discord.

To have a profile on our website, you need to be a member of the NFT Goddesses.

Read 1st question for information.

Of course! All our supporters are more than welcome. After all you are a big part of why we are on this journey. Just contact one of us and we will be able to add you.

At the moment our Discord has more than 371 members.

First of all thank you for wanting to support our community further.

Any donations can be done to our wallets:

ETH – 0x9e53706c01FdC9606896837401bcD3d77A9dfA31

TEZOS – tz1LZ9LS2iQkkvdw71yKChkCHcvREjwRvfhW

Yam (the WOW artist) is a member of the NFT Goddesses. As a tribute to group, she added the NFT Goddesses old logo as one of the traits in her project. We are all so proud of her and all she has achieved.

If you know any of our members, please give them the information and they will contact one of the team members.

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